best holiday gift ideas under $20

The Best Holiday Gift Ideas Under $20 For Anyone On Your List

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Last Updated on October 27, 2020 by Yovana

Christmas is approaching! Don’t be that person stuck in the mall on Christmas Eve doing last minute Holiday shopping. Trust me, it is NOT fun. Get your holiday shopping done now online and say goodbye to holiday stress.  Plus, some of these online deals are out of this world. You will be both saving your money and your time. These are some of the best holiday gift ideas under $20 for anyone on your list.

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image of gift wrapped. "holiday gift ideas under $20 for anyone on your list."

These holiday gift ideas under $20 are perfect for anyone on your list.


Bluetooth Headphones

holiday gifts under 20 -bluetooth headphones

I love my bluetooth headphones I got last year for Christmas. I love to run when listening to music and these beat running with wired headphones on any day. Especially when it is windy and I have my headphones wire hitting me in the face :). Price: $19.99


Head Massagers

holiday gifts under 20 - headmassager

These make a great gift for any occasion really. They are a great way to relieve stress and relax. If anyone on your list are into relaxing therapies such as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), these head massagers achieve the same result. Price: $1 – $12


Momoday Bluetooth Beanie Hat

holiday gifts under 20 -beanie hat

I have seen hoodies installed with wireless Bluetooth headphones before but never beanies or hats! Naturally when I saw this I had to buy one myself. This beanie can protect you from the cold and also allows you to listen to music and talk on your phone via Bluetooth. It comes equipped with set-in mic, available for hands free cell phone usage. Price: $15.99


Aromatherapy Diffuser

gift ideas under 20 - aroma diffuser

I am sure someone on your list would love one of these. This aromatherapy diffuser will make any home smell wonderful along with humidifying the air. Humidifying the air has a number of great health benefits such as being able to breathe easier, relieve cough and sinus infections.

Someone always gets sick around the holidays. Make it easier for them to overcome a cold, allergies and the flu with one of these cute diffusers!  Price: $17.95


Magnetic Smart Phone Holder

gift ideas under 20 - magnetic smart phone holder

Having a magnetic smart phone holder provides the perfect hand free solution to using a cell phone while doing a variety of activities. They are usually places on areas such as a car dashboard, kitchen counter, office desk allowing you to go safely and securely hands free with your phone or tablet. Price: $11.99



Funny Socks

holiday gifts under 20 - funny socks

People will always need socks. Funny socks not only make a great stocking stuffer but make great gifts too. Set your friends up with some hilarious socks to highlight inside jokes or stylish sarcastic socks will do just fine. Price: $4.88


Cell Phone Armband 

holiday gifts under 20 - smart phone armband

Cell phone armbands are perfect for anyone who is always on the move. And these days, who isn’t? This way busy bodies can track their steps and have their phone conveniently handing while on a walk, run or workout. This Armband includes a SECURE built-in hidden key or fob perfect for your keys that you always need with you. The Armband also has a reflective light strip to keep you safe and seen at night. Stay focused on achieving your goals. Price: $11.97


Gourmet Coffee

holiday gifts under 20 - gourmet coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee? This gourmet coffee gift box makes a perfect gift for the holidays.The package is all wrapped up and ready to be gifted out of the box. The gift box comes in bronze, gold and black. Price: $19.99


Funny Coffee Mug

holiday gifts under 20 - funny coffee mug

Add a funny coffee mug to go with your gourmet coffee gift box. Great for a laugh at work or around the office, or of course at home. **Designed and sold EXCLUSIVELY by The Cool Cosmo; listings by other shops are illegal Chinese knockoffs**Tyrion had it right, Game of Thrones fans. He loved his wine but I bet he’d be a big fan of coffee, too! Price: $19.49


Amazon Gift Card

holiday gift ideas under 20 - (amazon) gift card

For those on your list hat you have no idea what to get, get them an Amazon gift card. That way they can order anything they wish. It’s a win-win! Price: any amount



Give the gift of meal plans

With meal delivery services, cooking and eating at home has been easier than ever. I have found with most meal delivery services, some end up being much cheaper than grocery shopping. They are healthier for you too if you know where to look!

Check out some of these amazing meal delivery services that I recommend:

  • Get $30 off today with this link at HelloFresh!
  • Have you heard of $5 Meal Plan yet? Well, it is pretty amazing. $5 Meal Plan is a weekly meal plan service that can simplify your meal planning beyond belief. For just $5 a month, you will get a delicious meal plan that only costs $2 per person (at the most). Most of the time, it ends up being less per person. The best thing is they have tons of specialty meal plans to chose from so if you have a specific health need that has to be met, no problem!
  • VeginOut for healthy, organic food. Get $20 off with my link.
  • Get healthy gourmet meals straight to your door with Healthy Chef Creations for as low as $30/day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Sign up with my link and get 20% off!
  • Love With Food for all-natural, organic, and delicious gluten free food for only $7.99 a month.
  • Home Bistro includes only the finest ingredients, chef prepared and locally sourced! Get 4 free meals from home bistro by signing up with this link.
  • Chef V is my new favorite! Their mission is to make being ‘healthy’ easier for people by fitting healthy options seamlessly into their daily routine. Sign up for 1 full week supply of meals for absolutely free! You are going to love this, trust me.

More ways to save on holiday shopping:

Need fun things to do for the holidays for cheap or even FREE?

Check out this post for 50+ cheap or free things to do for the holidays.It is also important to remember the holidays are not about flash and money. This time is about fun, friends, family, and most importantly yourself. I may sound selfish saying that but don’t say you weren’t thinking it too.

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  5. Hi, Daniella

    I like your list. There are some really smart and unusual gifts in there 🙂

    I personally prefer technology gifts, and I also think that the best option, if we don’t know the other person weel, is an Amazon Gift Card. That way, they can buy whatever they want 😉

  6. You have some really great items listed on this gift guide and some that are super unique! I love the idea of gifting a meal or meal plans… this would be something I would love, but never would have thought about! You seem like you have a wide range of gifts under $20 that many people would love! Nice job!

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