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8 DIY Creative Gift Ideas That You Can Make Yourself

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Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by Yovana

Christmas, other holidays and birthdays have gotten so hyped and over marketed in stores lately. I think the same gifts and merchandise available in stores just keep getting recycled and regurgitated to you, year after year, but upgraded or slightly different in some way. I rather come up with a couple of unique and creative gift ideas that I can make myself.

I am sick of getting the same gifts basically every year or giving out (generally) the same gifts. Seriously, I am running out of ideas for even giving out gift cards. There is something that makes me very uncomfortable about gifting the same thing twice, or even something similar.

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8 DIY Creative Gift Ideas

All these holiday deals for low quality items that we end up forgetting about, throw away in storage or throw away a few months later also makes me feel really uncomfortable buying.

Unless it’s books. Books always make the perfect gift!

Then it dawned on me. People LOVE original gifts that are made just for them. Think about it. Isn’t that why sites like Etsy are so popular? We are all obviously sick of getting the same stuff from department stores or the same stupid Christmas socks, lip balm stocking stuffers and random soaps that we never end up using.

I am NOT about all that clutter. For me, the less clutter the better. And I think my family and friends would say the same. I rather get them something they will use!

That is why I wanted to come up with these creative gift ideas that we can all make ourselves and give something truly special to a family member, a loved one or friend this holiday season.

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1. Spa in a Jar

spa in a jar creative gift ideas image

You can make tons of lotions, scrubs and balms with every day, all natural, household products like baking soda and olive oil. These are very inexpensive to buy, if you don’t already have them lying around in your pantry. After mixing up any of the spa items you want to include in your spa jar, seal it up with some colorful ribbon. This makes for a perfect gift idea for a sister, aunt or mother.

Here is a great recipe I have used before for a simple sugar face scrub that you can include in your spa jar.

If you don’t feel like making all of your spa in a jar products yourself, check out this post from The Gunny Sack for what to buy for your spa jar. Either way the cost stays low for quite the cute gift idea.

Photo credit: The Gunny Sack

2. Arm Knit Blanket

arm knit blanket creative gift ideas image

This has got to be one of my favorite gift ideas I have come across. Instead of buying some generic throw from your local Target or Walmart, make one yourself. This arm knit blanket is seriously SO easy to make and give a nice clean, rustic feel to any living room or bed room.

These arm knit blankets make me get that ‘I am cozy, next to a fire, in a cabin in the woods with my home made blanket’ kind of feel.

All you need is a couple packs of the Premier Yarn Couture Jazz Yarn (depending on how big of a blanket you want to make) and 45 minutes to spare!

Click here to watch the full tutorial from Simply Maggie.

Photo credit: Simply Maggie

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3. Homemade Cranberry Infused Syrup

cranberry syrup creative gift ideas image

This easy to make cranberry infused syrup is so delicious. Whoever receives this from you for their gift will be hooked. I especially love putting some of this syrup in my morning tea or vanilla latte for an extra burst of flavor.

What you’ll need to make cranberry infused syrup:

To create the syrup you will boil 1 part sugar and 2 parts water in a pot until the sugar is completely dissolved and gone. Then you will drop a handful of your thawed cranberries into the glass bottle and use a funnel to pour in the syrup. Leave the glass bottle open to sit for about 20 minutes or until the steam stops so you don’t cloud the bottle with steam.

Now just put your finishing touches on your homemade syrup by sprucing up the outside of the bottle. Add a ribbon, maybe a label with some decorative calligraphy or maybe some twine. Whatever you want to do, do it and get creative with it!

Photo credit: DIY Network

4. DIY Terrarium Kit

terrarium kit creative gift ideas image

You could either create a terrarium or put together a terrarium kit in a mason jar for the perfect creative and unique gift giving idea.

What you will need for your terrarium kit: 

Layer the bottom of your mason jar with the small stones you’ve collected or purchased. Then either put together the terrarium to give to someone or fill each of the small zip lock bags or small containers with each of the items you’ve purchased or gathered for the terrarium (or leave them looses besides the soil). Then place everything into the mason jar, seal with twine and add some decorative touches with either making your own instruction card or using the printable card included above.

This makes for the perfect gift idea for nature lovers!

Photo credit: witandwhistle

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5. Brownies in a Jar

brownies in a jar creative gift ideas imageWho doesn’t love brownies? I know I do!

Instead of baking brownies for someone, give them the gift of brownies in a jar. The best thing about brownies in a jar is if they don’t end up actually using the mix to bake brownies, they can use that same mix to make hot chocolate or a mug cake! Either layer the ingredients and place the vanilla extract in a tiny bottle attached to the jar or bag them up in mini bags and throw everything in the jar. It’s up to you!

The below supplies I have listed are a spin on what I actually include in my own brownies. Which is why you will see things like almond flour mentioned instead of regular flour.

What you will need for brownies in a jar: 

Photo credit: Call Me Cupcake

6. DIY iPhone Wallet

DIY iphone wallet creative gift ideas imageSure, you could buy some cute iPhone wallet case off of Amazon for a gift. However, wouldn’t it be more fun to make it yourself?

The DIY iPhone wallet may seem a bit complicated at first but if you have some sewing experience, it is quite simple. Just be sure to be accurate with your measurements and this gift creation will be a breeze.

What you will need for the iPhone wallet:

You will need to start out by measuring your fabric to your phone and cutting out the various pieces. Then attach your magnetic snaps to the inside and outside portions of your fabric, attach the plastic case inside, cut out the various wallet pockets and cut out the hole for the camera.

Visit my3monsters for the full tutorial.

Photo credit: my3monsters

7. Mini Bar in a Jar

mini bar in a jar creative gift ideas imageAlright, so this one isn’t something you can necessarily make (unless you can make some killer apple pie moonshine) but you can however put it together yourself. The mini bar in a jar is by far on of the most popular creative gift ideas, and for obvious reasons.

For the mini bar in a jar you will need 1 wide mouth mason jar, like the one shown in the picture. Then all you have to do is fill it with a variety of airplane shot bottles . Seal it with a ribbon and any other personal touches you would like and wah-la!

Photo credit:The Shabby Creek Cottage

8. Coffee Lovers Survival Kit

coffee lovers survival kit creative gift ideas imageWhat makes a better gift that coffee? Nothing. It is definitely more useful than most other gifts since no one lets coffee goes to waste.

With the coffee lovers survival kit, you can really get your creative juices flowing. You can either include only coffee beans but several different varieties or mix it up with coffee grounds, espresso grounds, different flavors of cream and sugar and even throw in some biscotti or shortbread cookies.

What you will need for the coffee lover’s survival kit: 

Photo credit: The DIY Mommy

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More creative gift ideas:

There is this awesome site called Threadless where you can browse thousands of artist’s creations on clothing, accessories, home decor, etc (they have literally everything from tank tops to travel mugs to shower curtains and even stickers) or you can create your own design and place them on any of their available items for purchase. I love this site because the amount of stuff I have found on this site have been pretty reasonably priced and so creative! If you can’t find something from another artist, create something yourself!

What other creative gift ideas are you thinking of making yourself? Have you made gifts in the past? Share in the comments below!

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  1. I love to DIY for me, friends, and my blog readers. Your list has some great ideas and it very much my taste. I don’t enjoy giving or receiving the old standard gifts. I’d much rather receive something tiny that didn’t cost much but was made with a lot of love.

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