Make an extra $1000 this month with your phone

How To Make An Extra $1000 This Month With Your Phone

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I love finding new ways to make money easily in my spare time. That is why I started this blog after all. I bet you are thinking there is no way you can make an extra $1000 this month with your phone. Well, it is totally possible. No joke!

The side hustles that my wife and I have taken on in the past couple years has helped us towards paying our house off, pay off my student loans, take care of bills and tons more! Having a side hustle can also give you some peace of mind about your current financial situation if you can’t make enough at your day job or worse, hate your day job. You never know, that side hustle you love could one day become your main hustle.

It seems like everyday there is a new smart phone app released that is geared towards helping it’s users earn more extra money. Using some of these smart phone apps make me an average of $500 or so every month of extra money. However, if you have the time and determination it is possible to make up to $1000 a month using smartphone apps.

Extra money you make could go towards a vacation fund, holiday fund, car or house, or maybe even early retirement! The possibilities are endless and in my opinion, quite exciting.

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Ready to make an extra $1000 this month with your phone? Let’s cut to the chase already!

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It is definitely easy to make money with your phone. However, it takes some dedication in your spare time to keep up with these apps so the money continues to add up.

It isn’t like you click one thing on these apps and the money automatically rolls in. You have to follow the directions provided in the app and stay consistent with the ways to make money on the app to watch the money add up.


There are tons of ways to make money with Swagbucks. You may have heard how you can make money by taking surveys on Swagbucks but there are so many other opportunities to make money on Swagbucks. Not only can you make money by answering surveys in your spare time but you can also make money by playing games on your phone, watching videos on your phone, get cash back for your purchases through the app and make money for searching the web!

Sign up with my link and get a free $5 to start out with!


Ibotta is my new favorite cash back app for grocery shopping. It is not just for grocery shopping though. You can use Ibotta to get cashback for a wide variety of shopping categories from pharmacy, clothing and electronics to restaurant, bars and even travel! After you are done shopping, save the receipt to scan with your Ibotta app to earn cash back!

Sign up with my link to get a $10 welcome bonus to start off with and start earning cash back today!

Check out more ways to make money by getting cash back on your shopping bills on this post.


Let me start off with the fact that I freaking LOVE Poshmark! Poshmark is an app you can use to sell any clothing you have lying around that hasn’t been worn or you only wore once or twice. You can also sell accessories, cosmetic and beauty products, purses, wallets, belts, jewelry, etc. I even sold hair dye through this app! So you can really sell anything using this app and it is so incredibly easy to use making it one of my favorite ways to make money in my spare time.

You start off by choosing some items around the house that you want to sell. Make a nice presentation of the items and select ‘Sell’ from the bottom center of the app screen to start taking pictures of your items and add description and lastly, pricing. Then you add the items to your closet where your followers will then see and share to their followers. People can then offer on your items, bundle your items and offer, or buy your items. You can also do trades but I don’t do trades. When someone buys something you will get a shipping label in your email and all you have to do from there is pack up the item and slap the shipping label on top and place in your mailbox!

When I first downloaded Poshmark, I thought no one would actually buy my stuff. I was sorely mistaken as from the 2nd day of having this app I was selling stuff like crazy! This is where I make the most money from every month out of all the apps mentioned in this post. I have already made $200 this month using Poshmark and the month is not over yet. I aim for $300 by the end of the month. However, if you have brands in high demand and items to sell that run at a higher price you can easily make $500 – $1000 a month by selling on Poshmark.

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HealthyWage is where you can take wellness challenges and win up to $10,000 for reaching your goals. You can participate in individual weight loss challenge where you set a specific goal using their calculator, jackpot challenges where you compete as an individual or as a team and if you win you can split the jackpot, or step challenges where if goals are met you can split the pot of earnings.

You can host your own challenge maybe with your corporate office for a nice summertime activity to get people motivated, or join a challenge to reach your own weight loss or fitness goals. Many of the world’s largest companies actually use HealthyWage to run their corporate challenges. Featured on the Today show, Good Morning America, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, Fox News, and in The Wall Street Journal & The New York Times.

How it works is you can calculate your potential prize here, make your bet by adjusting your goal weight, participate in weekly weigh-ins, get support for the great HealthyWage community of players, and win your hard earned money for reaching your set goals! 


Dosh is the perfect app for people that want the benefits of cash back credit cards without the commitment of actually signing up and being approved for a cash back credit card. With Dosh, all you do is link your existing cards to the app and based on what offers are currently running on the app, you get your automatic cash back transferred to your account int he app immediately after your transactions.

Sign up for Dosh using my link to get a wonderful extra $5!


Stash is an incredibly easy to use investment app. Stash helps you learn how to invest using ETFs which are Exchange-Traded Funds. ETFs are a bundle of securities that attempt to track an index and have a theme. All you need is $5 to start with investing on Stash and they give you the tools and tips to build a portfolio that reflects who you are and what you believe in. I am currently investing in clean energy, do the right thing, internet titans and american innovators for my investment portfolio at just $5 each.

The best thing about Stash is that you can set up automatic recurring investments into your portfolio of any amount and set the schedule on daily, weekly or monthly. It’s set and forget feature make it so easy to invest and start saving for the things you love or even better, early retirement!

Sign up today using my link to get $5 credit to start investing with today!

What other exciting ways have you found to make money with your phone? I would love to hear more!


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  1. Big fan on swagbucks – really easy to just make a bit of cash whilst you watch TV on an evening. I’m putting my point towards Amazon gift cards for Christmas shopping.

    Have you tried any free lottery sites as a no effort way to potentially make some money? Would be interested in reading a review post of some.

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