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Hey, I'm Daniella, a 28 year old side hustling to pay off debt, live a more sustainable lifestyle, and strive for a future of financial freedom. I created ILIKETODABBLE to help others do the same.

Being frugal and thrifty is sort of a passion of mine and being able to turn my creative ideas into a blog to share with all of you is a joy.

I have always been a huge side hustler so being able to find a side hustle like blogging has been amazing for me. Blogging has changed my life, given me confidence, and helped with my finances.

Here you will learn about frugal and thrifty living, financial tips, traveling for cheap or free, alternative lifestyles such as minimalism and tiny living, creative ways to save extra money and make extra money, side hustles, creative careers, and of course, blogging.

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Since starting ILIKETODABBLE in April 2017, we are growing and widening our reach! We couldn't be happier to have received the attention we have including awards, mentions, guest posts and features in:

  1. VTXCapital's How To Make Money Online: 35+ Legitimate Ways To Earn Money
  2. Fitnancial's How We Quit Smoking and Save $300 A Month Because of It
  3. Making Sense of Cents's 37 Crazy and Creative Strategies To Pay Off Debt From Real People
  4. Rescue A CEO's 18 Entrepreneurs Share Tips on Avoiding Burn Out
  5. Altitude Branding's 30+ Best Marketing And Tech Blogs To Follow In 2018
  6. Sunshine Blogger Award June 2017 by Dygest
  7. Thrifty Haute Mom's Missouri Budget Travel Guide
  8. Splendid Blogger's The Best Free WordPress Plugins To Boost Your Blog Income

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