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Hey there dabblers!

👋 I'm Daniella, a neurodivergent, non-binary, and queer Latine software engineer and entrepreneur. I've gone from 0 to 12 income streams in 4 years, paid off over $40k of debt in the process, and moved 2100 miles cross country with my wife to live in our dream location.

That sounds like a lot in a short amount of time, and it was. Anxiety might've had something to do with it, because yea - money is stressful.

Prior to that, I was going through back-to-back layoffs, had no savings, and was living paycheck to paycheck. I started exploring online side hustles between those back-to-back layoffs in 2017 as a creative outlet.

That's when I discovered how side hustles and building new income streams are all about creating more assets and options for yourself and the vision you have for your life.

Now, I teach thousands of others how to start and grow their own side hustles and businesses, get their money right, find remote work that aligns with what they really want to do, and live their best life.

Also, if you aren't queer or neurodivergent but still find the resources on this site helpful, that's great! This space is for anyone who finds it useful.

We don't believe in gatekeeping through manipulative "hustle bro" culture. This knowledge should be accessible to anyone and everyone. Side hustles are all about creating more assets, income streams, and options - and can be an important tool when trying to build wealth and financial freedom.

Here at ILTD, we don't hustle, we dabble. Dabbling may seem like writing off the effort that you're putting into the work you want to do in your life. Instead, we see it as the pure spirit of experimentation. When we are starting new things like side hustles, businesses, new careers, or developing a way of working that better suits us while getting our money right, dabbling makes that transition more accessible. Experimenting actually gets you to DO something, take that next step, and see where to go from there.

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I am so glad you found us and glad you're here - but I don't want to be strangers. 

I created this quick questionnaire that I would love for you to fill out if you have 5 minutes (I don't think it will even take that long). None of these questions will ever be published anywhere, they just let me get to know my readers so I can serve their needs better.

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A Little About Me & My Wife

Daniella and Ally on the Puget Sound shoreAlexandra and I both work in I.T. and met at work. We got engaged on the beach under fireworks and eloped on that same beach in a hurricane (tropical storm, but you get it). We've been traveling since the day we met and won't stop anytime soon.

She is also a side hustler and flips guitars on eBay (I attempt to help). We have 5 cats and 2 dogs 😻🐶

We are building up our side hustles to one day be our full hustles, creating and building up sources of passive income streams and saving and investing as much of that extra money as we can. Basically, we are working our butts off until we can become financially free. More on that in this post about what financial freedom means to us.

But we are still going to have a little fun while doing it. Even though we are trying to aggressively save with our side hustles, we don't save every penny we get. That is why I included remote work & travel on this blog. We aren't going to be tied down to one spot. Finances aren't our only focus.

Living a healthy and happy life is always #1.

More money is not the ULTIMATE goal here, time and freedom are.

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