No one gets anywhere in life without at least a little help. We've gotten to where we are thanks to a little help from our "friends". In this case, those friends are the tools and resources we used to get our financial ish together.

These are our favorite apps, tools, and resources that help us save money, make money, and track our financial progress.


Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products we highly recommend. We will get paid a commission when you click on any of these links or purchase something through these links. Click here for our full disclaimer.

Along with these resources, check out our freebie resource library here for free printables, checklists, courses and more.

Save Money

Our favorite apps and tools for budgeting, saving money, and cash back:

  • Juno: Get help to pay off debt. They use group buying power to negotiate with lenders to get you the best interest rates available on your student loans and refinancing.
  • Open a High Yield Savings Account: Earn money on your savings and checking accounts.
  • Capitalize: Roll over your old 401k.
  • Qube Money: Keep your spending in check.
  • Trim: Trim will negotiate your bills for you.
  • Rakuten: Get a $10 bonus with our link and cash back at over 2,500 merchants (online and in-store).
  • Ibotta: Another cash-back app we like.

Make Money

The best apps to make money with a side gig, online, or otherwise:

Our favorite apps for selling online:

  • Shopify: For selling digital products.
  • Printify: For selling print-on-demand products.
  • eBay: What we use for flipping various items online.
  • Poshmark: Great for designer items, clothes, shoes, and more.
  • SidelineSwap: Resell athletic equipment and sporting goods.
  • Decluttr: Sell your old electronics. Read our review here.
  • Reverb: For selling musical instruments and accessories.
  • Mercari: Get a $10 bonus with our link - Great or selling almost anything (great for toys and home/kitchen items).
  • Redbubble: Great for selling art, merch, stickers, etc.

Get a Job

These are our favorite sites and platforms to find remote work, freelance work, and all other types of jobs:

  • The Remote Work Bundle: Get resume & cover letter templates, remote work guides, and more.
  • The Muse: Scam free job listings.
  • For remote jobs.
  • FlexJobs: Find remote jobs with career coaching assistance and more(paid).
  • Linkedin: A necessary tool for any job search, outreach, and networking.

Running a Side Business, Blogging & Design

What we use to run our blog and online business:

Building Wealth

This is what we use to invest and stay on track towards our financial goals:

  • Open an IRA: Open an IRA with M1 which is what we use!
  • M1 Finance: The investment brokerage app we use for all of our investments outside of our 401ks and IRAs.
  • Personal Capital: What we use to track our net worth and see all of our accounts in one place.
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