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10 Best Selling Apps to Make Money Selling Stuff Online (& In Person)

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Last Updated on May 4, 2024 by Daniella

Looking for the best selling apps to make money selling stuff online?

Regardless of what your purpose may be, boosting your savings account, raising money for an unexpected expense, cleaning out your house, or anything, you can make money easier than you think with selling apps.

Keep reading to learn how you can make money selling stuff online. Don’t forget to bookmark this post to come back to it later!

10 Best Selling Apps and Websites to Make 

1. Flyp

Flyp makes selling your clothes easy by handling the difficult parts for you. If you’ve got designer and high-end name brand clothes, shoes, and handbags sitting in your closet, you could be sitting on a decent chunk of change. 

How Does it Work?

Download the Flyp app in the Apple app store and set up an account. Once you’re registered all you have to do is start taking pictures of your clothes to create a “Lot”. After that, you’ll get contacted by potential Pro Sellers who will let you know their commission rates and what they think they can sell your “Lot” for. Once you’ve picked a Pro Seller you’re happy with, print off a shipping label and mail your “Lot” to them. 

Your Pro Seller is covered by Flyp’s Protection Policy and they promise that they will be able to sell all of your items. In the event that they can’t sell your clothes, shoes, and handbags you have a couple of different options for what Flyp can do. If they can’t sell your items within 90 days can have your items mailed back to you for free, have your Pro Seller reduce their prices, or have everything donated in your name for a nice tax write-off. 

Flyp is one of the best selling apps to help you sell your unused stuff online. Plus you won’t have to deal with any of the hassles related to dealing with potential buyers, monitoring sales, or shipping and handling. Depending on the value of your items, you will take home between 50% and 70% of the value as soon as the Pro Sellers is paid by the buyer. 

2. eBay

eBay is a favorite for many reasons. First, you can sell just about anything on eBay. It’s like a virtual flea market.  And, you can usually list for free with no upfront costs (eBay does take a commission after the sale and there are PayPal fees afterward, too). 

How Does it Work?

So, it’s super easy to get started selling and when you make a sale, you get paid immediately via PayPal.

First, start your listing. You will pick a selling category and subcategory. Then, title your listing, write a description and add photos. You’ll also set a price and your shipping (providing your shipping carrier and place where your item will ship from).

Lastly, you will list your item. In your seller dashboard you can monitor the progress of your listing, seeing how many eBay buyers are “watching” your listing and how many views it has gotten.

When you sell, you will get instant payment from PayPal and you can ship the product to the customer!

eBay is a good option for dropshipping, too.

For example, if you had a dropshipping supplier who sold lamps for $10, you could sell on eBay for $25. 

Without holding inventory, list the lamps for sale on the platform and when you make a sale, place an order with your supplier to direct ship to the customer. You’ll keep a $15 profit, before fees.

Not bad, right?

I usually use eBay as my go-to for selling my extra stuff around the house. I’ve made as much as $500 in a few weeks using the platform for odds and ends I sold, sitting in my house.

I’ve also sold as much as $7,500 worth of goods in just a few days on eBay, when I was doing dropshipping.

There’s a lot of money to be made with this platform.

3. Amazon

I talked about Amazon FBA above a bit. You can also sell to Amazon using their FBM (fulfilled by merchant) program, where you do the fulfillment instead of Amazon. You have more work with doing the fulfillment yourself but the fees are less so you can make more money.

There are a ton of entrepreneurs doing Amazon dropshipping too, with the FBM program.

Amazon is arguably the largest marketplace in the world so the exposure you will get for your products will be huge.

To learn more, check out the Amazon seller section of their site to discover the requirements and more.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the most underrated online selling apps. I’ve never sold an item online as fast as I did on Facebook Marketplace because of how easy it is to use and how many folks use it daily. We also used it to sell a lot of our things before we moved cross-country and were able to make a couple of thousand of dollars in a matter of weeks from those items.

You can sell items on Facebook Marketplace both in person and via shipping the items to the buyer.

How Does it Work?

You can list items on Facebook Marketplace in a variety of categories to sell. You can choose to sell them locally or opt to ship the item to avoid any face-to-face contact. The larger the item, the more likely you’ll want to sell that item in-person to avoid large shipping fees.

After listing your items, you can also post them to local buy & sell groups and swap groups to get more eyes on them.

There is a bit of a haggle culture on the app though so expect some buyers to try and negotiate on the price with you. If there is a certain price you want for your items, you can include that in the description that the price is non-negotiable and the items are as-is.

To learn more, check out Facebook Marketplace.

5. Poshmark

Poshmark is an online marketplace that’s good for selling clothes and home goods. If you have outgrown clothes of your own or kids clothes, this would be a good platform to check out. For home goods, it includes everything from cookie jars to coffee mugs, knife sets and more.

How Does it Work?

Joining Poshmark is free.

Once you’re a member, to sell, just snap a few pictures of your stuff, price your item and list right on the platform. They do earn a commission on the successful sale of your merchandise and their fees are shown to you prior to finalizing your listing.

That’s exactly how Poshmark works.

There’s a social element to the app which makes it fun. You can accrue followers, show love to other sellers and products, join parties on the app, and more. You can even be in charge of hosting a party.

Bonus tip: Use an app like Canva to create sale promotion images for listings and to share on social media.

Poshmark is available on the Google Play store and Apple App Store. You can also access the website from a desktop computer.

If this sounds like a fit, head to Poshmark to sign up for free.

Read our review of Poshmark here.

6. Mercari

Mercari is similar to Poshmark however they offer a lot more selling categories, including:

  • Women
  • Mens
  • Kids
  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • Home
  • And, more categories!

If you have clothing or other goods to sell, Mercari is the app for you.

How Does it Work?

It’s free to join and you go through a similar listing process as Poshmark. Take some pictures of your items, list for free right on the platform and wait for your sale to happen.

Their 3 step process:

  • Sell it
  • Ship it
  • Get Paid

It takes just a few minutes to list your stuff on Mercari. In addition to placing your product photos on the app, you also write a description and set your price.

Then, when you sell, you will ship to the buyer using their printable prepaid shipping label that they send you. 

Lastly, get paid! 

Mercari takes a 10% commission on the successful sale of your item and that’s it. No listing fees and a free-to-join app for selling almost everything!

A feature I love about Mercari is they show you what’s been sold recently, like within the last 10 minutes! 

This gives you valuable insight to see what products are hot sellers on the app, which can help you focus on quickly selling those types of items yourself!

Name brands do well on the platform, especially Rae Dunn ceramics like coffee mugs, bowls, etc. I have sold a Guess peacoat on Mercari and the process was seamless and super fast.

Tons of sellers are raving about the Mercari platform and saying things like:

“Easy to use, very user friendly. Will buy and sell more here. Hassle free fun making $$.” – February 2020

“Great way to make some extra cash, clean up your home, & make someone happy! I love it.” – February 2020

Join Mercari to get started.

7. ThredUp

ThredUp is a site that essentially allows you to upcycle your clothes and get paid for it. What makes this selling platform different is instead of you listing the items yourself, ThredUp does the listing for you.

How Does it Work?

As a seller on ThredUp, you’ll receive a “clean-out” kit.

After receiving it, fill it with what you’d like to get rid of and sell, and mail it back. ThredUp will decide which items are suitable to sell and which are on the road to being recycled. 

When the ThredUp team sells your items, they first evaluate your items. Then they’ll price them, photograph them, and list them on the site to sell. If your items are on-trend, in-season, and high enough quality, you’ll get paid 5-80% of the anticipated selling price up front before they sell.

For more questions, they have an extensive FAQ to help answer any other lingering questions on your mind.

Join ThredUp to get started.

8. OfferUp

OfferUp is the simple way to sell your stuff online. Just download their app completely free and get started selling!

The categories are vast and include:

  • Antiques
  • Books & magazines
  • Cars & trucks
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Video Games
  • Computer equipment
  • Electronics
  • Household
  • Photography
  • Software
  • Clothing & shoes
  • Pet supplies
  • And, more!

They also have a free section which you can get excited about.

OfferUp is nationwide and buyers can search for people selling items locally in cities like Atlanta, Austin, Salt Lake City, Portland, Chicago, Las Vegas, Houston, Seattle, Tampa and others.

For searching new and used items by state, there’s this page which helps buyers navigate to the place where they’ll be buying from.

How Does it Work?

It’s like an online garage sale. Just list your stuff to sell, get offers, and earn money!

You will get a seller’s badge and rating on your profile, so buyers can check out your information and will be more likely to buy if you have a strong rating. It also shows your response time and number of sales you’ve done.

Posting an item is super fast and takes less than a minute to do. Just take a picture of what you’re selling and post to OfferUp!

Learn more about OfferUp and join for free.

9. Decluttr

devices (cell phones and laptops) that you can use these best selling apps on

Decluttr helps you sell stuff online in the media space:

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Cell Phones
  • Games
  • Other Tech

They boast that they pay the most for your tech. And, with a 4+ Trustpilot rating, members are loving their experience with Decluttr.

They have paid out over $3 million dollars to over 6 million members. They offer fast next day payments and free shipping on all orders.

How Does it Work?

First, get your free instant valuation.

Search for your tech on Decluttr and get your price quote. You can do this super easy by entering in barcodes or using their app which will scan your device.

Next, if you like the price they’re offering, pack your stuff in a box and ship! 

Expect to receive your welcome pack via email, which includes your free shipping label. Print and attach your label and ship.

They offer many places available for shipping like UPS or an authorized retail outlet, among other options.

Then, get paid via direct deposit or PayPal.

If you’ve got some tech or media to sell, consider Decluttr to get started.

Read our review of Decluttr here.

10. SidelineSwap

If you have sporting equipment and athletic gear around the house, especially if you have kids and they’ve outgrown these items, consider selling it on SidelineSwap.

Popular categories on the app include:

  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Baseball
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Golf
  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Football
  • Bikes
  • And more

You also have the option to trade items on the app.

How Does it Work?

Once you get signed up on the app, listing items is similar to listing them on eBay. You will take a couple of photos of each item, add details, decide on a price, and list the item.

Once your item sells, SidelineSwap takes 12% of the sale and a 3% processing fee. The 12% fee is decreased to a 9% fee after a seller makes six sales. 

Payments are made via ACH transfer 48 hours after an item arrives at the buyer’s doorstep.

If you have any of these items you need to unload, selling them on SidelineSwap might be the best for you.

Read our review of SidelineSwap here.

How to Make Money Selling Stuff Online

There are two directions you can take with this:

  • Sell your own stuff
  • Source goods to resell (flipping)

Selling Stuff Around the House

To sell stuff of your own, go around your home and find things to sell. I do this almost every year around Spring and Winter. It’s part of my Spring cleaning and Winter cleaning ritual. 

I’ll go room by room and gather things that I don’t use or want to get rid of.  Really, you can sell almost anything.

This can include:

  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Toys
  • Linens (like curtains, pillows, etc.)
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Electronic devices (like old cell phones, cameras, used video games, etc.)
  • Old collectibles

Once I’m done, I’ll sort the items into categories then start selling.

I usually sell used stuff all online, through marketplaces like eBay and Facebook but, there are also product-specific online marketplaces as well as some places to sell to in-person that are good.

Here are some places where you can sell online and in person for extra cash:

This is a quick and easy way to raise money fast. During winter, I usually use the money raised from selling items online to buy holiday gifts for friends and family.

Finding unwanted items around your house is something you can do every single year. 

Think about those gifts you receive from people that you don’t want and would rather regift. Or, things you buy that you never use. I have at least a few pairs of jeans in my closet that still have the tags on them. I’ve also had leather jackets that I wore once and old toys my son stops playing with as he gets older.

Selling stuff around the house is an awesome money-generator that you can re-up every single year!

Sourcing Goods to Resell

for sale sign at a store where you can source items to sell on these best selling apps

Next, there are sourcing goods to resell and flip for a profit. Many people are taking to this one, as it’s a profitable opportunity to make extra money. You can even turn this into a full-time business.

This is how it works.

First, you source goods. You can find things to resell anywhere. 

This can include your local Walmart, CVS Pharmacy or other retail stores. You can also go to thrift stores and flea markets.

Finding things online at a great price is another good option. You can find deals on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or local garage sales, yard sales, and rummage sales.

Once you’ve got your stock, it’s time to resell. And, you can resell in all the places shared above.

Many people will sell on Amazon through Amazon’s FBA program or eBay. This is time-saving and takes most of the work off your hands, after sourcing.

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How Does Amazon FBA Work?

You will sign up for Amazon Seller Marketplace, join their FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) program. From here, you will ship your goods to Amazon where they will fulfill orders on your behalf as customers buy from you on

If you’ve never done fulfillment, it can be a full-time project to sell things.

Back when I ran my ecommerce store, fulfillment was the most dreaded part of my day. You might think it’s no big deal to pick, pack and ship goods but it takes a lot of time and devotion. 

Plus, it can get monotonous, especially when you start selling large volume and need to ship 100+ orders out per day. Make things easier on yourself!

Amazon is an opportunity to make a lot of money selling stuff online. Read how this one couple quit their jobs to resell bras to Amazon website users.

How to Sell Your Items Fast

There are 2 factors that made it possible for me to sell items fast online and those are:

  • There was a high demand for the item or brand of items (I’ve sold an Orbit water faucet timer in less than 6 hours and a Coach purse in less than 24 hours)
  • I took good photos of the items using daylight or a ring light, at every possible angle

Additional Resources to Start a Reselling/Flipping Business

Flipper University Workshop: Learn how to turn your passion for visiting thrift stores, yard/ garage sales and flea markets into a profitable flipping business (and even go full time) in this 75 minute completely FREE workshop. Melissa is a colleague of mine in the blogosphere and her learning resources are seriously amazing. Her & Rob of the FleaMarketFlipper has had 500 students and 3 years of results. It’s free so why not?

Launch Your Side Hustle: The ultimate beginner’s guide to starting a side small business. This course shows you everything from forming your business, legally covering it, taxes, to growing your income, promoting yourself online, figuring out social media, building an email list, and more.

launch your side hustle course image

Final Thoughts

Selling apps have made it so easy to sell your stuff effortlessly from the comfort of home. They are also a neat opportunity to start your own flipping business! 

If you’ve got stuff to unload and sell, consider one or more of these apps we shared above.

What do you think?

Share your experience with selling apps down below in comments. Do you think these are the best apps for selling items online? We’d love to hear from you! 

More ways to make money selling stuff online:

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