The Story

iliketodabble_photoHello, my name is Daniella and I am the creator of ILIKETODABBLE because I like to dabble! I am a systems and software analyst by day and blogger by night. I enjoy blogging because with my web development background, playing around with WordPress and the potential of my site is exhilarating! Being frugal and thrifty is sort of a passion of mine and being able to turn my creative ideas into a blog to share with all of you is a joy. I have always been a huge side hustler so being able to find a side hustle like blogging has been amazing for me. Blogging has changed my life, given me confidence, and helped with my finances.

ILIKETODABBLE strives to help others like me towards a more sustainable lifestyle and a potential of a future of financial freedom. Here you will learn about frugal and thrifty living, financial tips, traveling for cheap or free, alternative lifestyles such as minimalism and tiny living, creative ways to save extra money and make extra money, side hustles, creative careers. And of course, blogging.

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