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How To Save Money On Pet Care

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Last Updated on October 27, 2020 by Yovana

I have come across several people throughout my life that use the excuse of money as not being able to take care of their pets. Money doesn’t have to be an issue when it comes to pet care. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to take care of your furry friends and it can actually be quite simple to save money on pet care.

So…we have a lot of pets…

If you personally know my wife and I, (ie.  my mom might be reading this) you know we have 5 cats, 2 dogs and 1 tarantula. That sounds like a lot to someone who doesn’t spend that much time around animals or even crazy to those who are close minded. Life doesn’t just happen to people, it happens to the animals of those people too.

That is how all this came together. I had 2 cats, she had 2 cats and 2 dogs, then we adopted our blind cat Pepper and then got the tarantula recently.

All of our pets are rescues besides the tarantula and my cat Mew, who was re-homed to me after being a stray and kicked out from other homes countless times. If they weren’t with us they would probably be dead or who knows. They live a happy life with us and we do as much as we can on a daily basis to make sure they stay happy.

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Pet care doesn’t have to be a pain in your you know what.

So with giving our back story here on our pets, you can get the sense of how pet care might become hectic at times with that bunch. Of course it does but we always make sure we are saving the most we can on pet care.

We have lost our minds over it once or twice before but learned from it and moved on. With our experiences we would like to share how you can also save money on pet care without losing your mind.

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How To Save $500 Dollars A Month

For the necessities, buy in bulk.

For the necessities like cat/dog food and cat litter, Amazon is always going to be your best bet for getting the best deal when buying in bulk.

If you are use to buying smaller bags of food for your pets every couple of days, stop.

When purchasing cat and dog food we always get the largest size bags such as the 40 lb bags either off of Amazon or Target. Don’t ever end up spending 50 dollars on cat or dog food when you can find it for $24 on Amazon.

To all you other cat people out there, I can relate to you with the pain of cat litter and spending too much when not knowing what to buy. This is what we use for our cats for only $5 on Amazon. They love it, we love it and everyone is happy!

Get creative with how you save money on pet care.

Sometimes, Amazon isn’t always the right way to go (and can be dangerous so never purchase any medical items or treatments for your pets off of here, due to some horror stories I have heard).

You have to get creative with how you try and save money on pet care, do some research, and test out different methods.

You see, with Target we sometimes found the food was much cheaper than Petsmart but about the same as Amazon. But when bought and then scanned on our Ibotta app, we saved even more money that way. You can also use this same approach with using any available online bonus deals Ibotta might have with Amazon or use Ebates and then purchase your necessities on Amazon Rewards Card through the online Ebates shopping portal, combining double rewards for ultimate savings.

For our tarantula, the best deals are always found at reptile shows or as always, Amazon. Click here or check your Facebook events to look up local upcoming reptile shows in your area. If you are also a tarantula owner and looking for amazing tarantula care tips, tricks, and whole nine yards, check out my friend Kat’s youtube here. She is basically the reason we got ours and we are beyond grateful for the knowledge that she has to offer.

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How To Shop Online And Not Pay A Dime

Join a cashback site.

Joining a cashback site is one of the easiest ways to save money without even knowing it. The way they work is when you sign up, the cashback site will have an extension installed on your browser so you get pop-up notifications of what amount of cash back is available at the website you are visiting to make an online purchase from. Sign up for Ibotta, get an extra $10 credited to your account after signup, and check out any online or in store rebate opportunities.

Cashback sites and apps I use and recommend:

Let your pets tell you what they want and/or need.

Try to work with your cat and feel out what they might be telling you they need. Most of the time with a cat’s behavioral problems are them trying to tell you something. When our cats started acting out towards each other in ways that seemed strange, we started to look into ways to catify our home more to fit their needs.

So we got some tunnels, more engaging toys such as the good ole’ feather and stick, and a cat tower, giving them their own little play station. We make it a point to play with all our cats in the main room at least once every day and everyone feels included while also getting their energy and aggression out. This helped with their territorial issues more than ever. This strategy to help our cat’s quality of life saves us hundreds of dollars in damages and medication.

With both cats and dogs, structure is more important than anything. Keep your pet’s day structured and you will save yourself a world of hurt.

Of course there are times where you HAVE to bring your pet to the vet to resolve a behavioral issue. You do not want to risk missing an underlying serious health problem.

Are you looking for more creative ways to play with your dog and expand their treat taste palette and play routine? Check out the Bark Box where for only $20 every month with free shipping, your dog gets a box full of new toys, treats and much more. Check out more here.

Help your animals the all natural way.

Even though our dogs go outside, all of our cats are indoor cats. Last summer we had our first encounter with a difficult flea problem due to the warmer than normal winter in Missouri. We couldn’t combat the problem with only bathing our cats, we had to turn to a topical solution from our vet.

After that though we have been able to keep them away with an all natural and cost effective solution. We use flea eating nematodes in our yard, DE earth in our home, and peppermint wipes on their coats. We have been flea free since. The flea prevention measures we have taken are also inclusive of ticks so we save quite a bit of money in vet bills this way.

You can save money on pet care while you travel too!

Have you heard of Rover? With Rover, you don’t have to pay large amount to board your pets at a Vet or Petsmart. This comes in handy while on Vacation or for while you are on vacation and have to go somewhere that doesn’t allow pets. Instead with Rover you can hook with sitters in the area for a way better deal.

Rover also will dog sit while you are away at work along with many other services they offer. They also offer house sitting, dog boarding, dog walking, and drop in visits.

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What other ways do you save money on pet care? I would love to hear more from you below in the comments!

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