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How to Find Paid Research Studies That Pay $50+ an Hour

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Last Updated on December 9, 2021 by Daniella

A great way to make money online is with online paid research studies.

These studies usually consist entirely online but may also have the opportunity for an in person activity. They could be interview based, online survey based, focus group based, panel based, or clinical trial based.

Online paid research studies are a notch up from the online paid survey apps like Swagbucks and InboxDollars that take you a week to get to a $20 payout. A good pay range for participating in paid research studies would be $50 an hour and up. You’ll see that some clinical studies mentioned make up to $400 for one study.

All of the sites mentioned in this article pay $50 and up for each paid study, making it a worthwhile way to make extra cash but maybe not a sustainable side hustle – since you have to rely on if you fall into a certain demographic for a study or not.

Let’s explore the opportunities available.

5 Places to Find Paid Research Studies That Pay $50 an Hour and Up

1. Respondent

Respondent is a website and company that will paid you for online paid research interviews based on both your professional and life experience.

You’ll find research interviews you can get paid for ranging from getting paid to ordering food at a restaurant to testing software, apps, feedback on financial needs, and more. In this case, your data is the product for the payout you’re earning (as with most research studies).

Pay rate: Ranges from $15 for 15 minutes to as much as $300 an hour for 1 study

respondent study listing page

2. User Research International

User Research International is a company that runs studies for consumers, IT professionals, developers, and more. When you join as a participant in their database, you’ll start receiving emails with study opportunities you can apply to participate in.

Most studies take less than 2 hours and pay anywhere from $50 to $200.

You can get started by going to User Research International and signing up for free.

Pay rate: $50 an hour and up

3. FieldWork

FieldWork is a company that relies on focus groups to aid in their nationwide paid market research studies. Your expertise can influence decision makers through their research.

The site says they are looking for all types of people in all different areas to participate in their studies. If you listen to music or use a bank, FieldWork has a study for you to participate in.

When I went to try it out for myself to apply for a study, I applied for this study for remote workers since I am a full time remote worker. They had tons of different studies available for different workers, interests, and more.

Fieldwork remote worker study description snapshot

Pay rate: $100 an hour and up

4. User Interviews

Get paid by testing an app, website, or just talking about your life experiences with User Interviews.

User Interviews pays you for your user feedback on an array of different things including (but not limited to):

  • Product use feedback
  • Software testing
  • Application testing
  • Website testing
  • Content editor workflow questions
  • Management experience interviews
  • System testing
  • Workplace experience feedback
  • And more

The site features tons of studies that pay anywhere from $50 per 30 minutes so as much as $150 an hour. All studies are done online.

Pay rate: $50 per 30 minutes to as much as $150 an hour

User Interviews study listing snapshot

5. Experience Dynamics

Experience Dynamics is a company whose sole purpose is to provide feedback and data to their clients to continually improve the software and products we use in our everyday lives.

They host user research studies that range from interview style, survey, or walking through a website from a start of an action to the end of an action.

All of the different types of studies they have available are:

  • Field Studies
  • Diary Studies
  • Usability Testing
  • Phone interviews
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Online Surveys

Each study pays anywhere from $50 to $150.

Pay rate: $50 an hour and up

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Paid Research Studies: Get Paid for Your Data

As you apply to any of the studies above, continue applying. Don’t expect to get accepted to a study on your first application so increase your chances of acceptance to apply for several studies that fit your expertise or experience.

Be sure to set and keep your boundaries when applying for these studies as well. This is your personal data you’re selling and when it starts to feel a bit too intrusive, chances are your gut is right and maybe you shouldn’t go for that study.

Getting paid to contribute to research is exciting, and keep an open mind but always keep a look out for red flags and anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You never have to do anything or provide any information that you don’t want to.

For more ways to make money online, take our free side hustle quiz.


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  1. I work as a web developer and I’ve joined User Research International and it’s great!! I got two studies this past month they were 2h and I was paid 225$ for both. You do need to have a technical background for most studies but they are really easy if you have the knowleagh and payment tends to be fast and you have many options on how to get paid.

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