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8 Creative Ways to Get Paid to Text

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Did you know that there are a ton of opportunities that exist for you to get paid to text? This side hustle is the perfect gig to work from your phone in your spare time.

People enjoy this because it’s flexible, you get to work from home, work from your phone and make money texting and text flirting with others.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s dive into 8 creative ways to get paid to text!

We’ll also cover what getting paid to text is all about, what the requirements are, how to get started, and more.

8 Ways to Get Paid to Text 

You can get paid to text for doing just about anything from customer service, to coaching, and even flirting.

There is nothing off limits in this list.

In addition to the several apps listed, you can use your smartphone in other ways to make more money like playing games on Mistplay or taking surveys on Swagbucks.

1. Just Answer

Just Answer is a question answer site where visitors ask questions to experts in various fields like law, electronics, health, etc.

You’ll work as an expert making money answering questions around your expertise.

Experts average $2,000 to $7,000 per month answering questions.

You’ll get the freedom to set your own hours and work when you want, from the comfort of home.

To get started, click here to join Just Answer.

2. McMoney

McMoney pays you to receive text messages. Their goal is to improve communication worldwide and your work will play a part in that.

After downloading the app and registering, you will verify your phone number and then start receiving texts. 

Every text you receive willi increase your balance. After you hit their minimum threshold for payout, you can get paid. And, they also offer bonuses for referring friends and family.

This is for Android only.

Click here to visit McMoney to learn more.

3. Working Solutions

You can work from home, be your own boss and work your dream schedule at Working Solutions.

They offer various jobs from data entry to phone work, etc.

The pay seems to be around $15/hour depending on the work you do.

Visit Working Solutions to get started.

4. Premium.Chat

This company Premium.Chat pays you to chat with and consult clients.

If you have a fanbase online on social media or other outlets then you can monetize those channels with the help of Premium.Chat. 

Join and get set up to start charging your fans for voice calls, text chats, or video calls.

For example, if you’re a top writer with a social following of aspiring or current writers, your fans will have a chance to chat with you to get one-on-one support and advice about writing or related topics.

It’s like getting paid to be a consultant where you can make money texting, chatting on the phone or doing video calls.

Head to Premium.Chat to check it out.

5. Fibler

Fibler works similarly to Premium.Chat where you can offer premium consulting and coaching services to clients, getting paid to chat, call, or video call .

You can charge by the minute and you have full control over your rate.

This is ideal for professionals or experts that want to add an extra income stream and monetize their social presence online.

Visit Fibler to learn more.


IMGR pays you to chat with your friends. You can earn cash and rewards for everyday chat conversations that you’re having anyway.

You can download the IMGR app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for free and get started.

Visit IMGR to check it out.

7. Phrendly

Phrendly is one the top companies in the text flirting industry. 

After joining the site, you can connect with other members on the platform, called phrends. You make money “sharing drinks,” which can happen via texting, voice call, or video call.

Visit Phrendly to sign up and get started.

8. Chat Recruit

This U.K. company pays you to be a chat host with their members.

They’ve paid out millions to their chat hosts with some hosts making as much as $100,000+ per year, according to the site.

Upon joining you’ll get a free $10 bonus and they pay you to chat via phone or webcam with extra opportunities available to earn more.

To learn more, visit Chat Recruit.

What are the requirements to get started?

The requirements for these jobs will vary from company to company. 

In general, you’ll need access to a smartphone so you have a device that you can use for texting.

Other than this, most of these jobs require you to be at least 18 years old and some require set hours that you work.

To find out the specific requirements of each job, check the company you’re interested in to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are jobs where you get paid to text?

Getting paid to text jobs can fall into a few different categories:

  • Customer support work
  • Data entry or market research
  • Text flirting jobs

How to get paid to text in customer support roles?

Customer service/support jobs that pay you to text are looking for workers who can interact with their customers to provide support. You might be answering general company-related questions, providing tech support, answering expert-level inquiries, etc.

What are data entry and market research jobs that pay you to text?

Data entry text jobs pay you for your input. Your job is to type and enter data into the system you’re working on.

Market research gigs pay you for your honest opinion. You can make money using your phone to answer survey questions and provide your feedback. You can do this in your free time, from the comfort of home, as often or as little as you like.

What are text flirting jobs?

First, text flirting jobs are where you make money flirting with others over text messages. Some of the companies have the option to video call and webcam too. 

Basically, you sign up to the website or app for free, set up your profile then start having these engaging, flirty conversations with others.

Some of the conversations you’ll have will be quite racy while others will be more relaxed in nature, as some lonely people are just looking for an outlet to unwind and vent about their day.

You’ll encounter all kinds of conversations.

And, the pay can be quite lucrative. Some workers in this field can earn as much as $100,000 per year getting paid to text flirt.

Who can make money from text flirting?

Anybody aged 18+ years old can make money text flirting. Of all the jobs where you can make money texting, this industry is probably the highest paying.

If you’re open and feel comfortable text flirting with strangers, then this could be the perfect job for you.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about these jobs where you can get paid to text?

If you’re looking for a work from home side hustle where you can work from home and use your phone, these gigs might be just what you’re looking for.

Comment below to share your thoughts.


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