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26 Weirdest Things People Have Done for Money

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Last Updated on January 22, 2021 by Daniella

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done for money?

Seriously, don’t hold back on this one.

Don’t feel shamed either if it is something you wouldn’t tell your family or friends about.

Chances are, most of the people you know have done some pretty weird things for money too.

I know I have, and want to know what other things people have done.

So naturally, I turned to Twitter again (and then Instagram).

This is what they said.

26 Weird Things People Have Done for Money

1. Sold garden snakes to my classmates

2. Sold a clip of me drinking water

3. Letting 4,000 strangers into my car

4. Found wedding dresses for those who met on Tinder

5. Crocheted pot holders from cat hair

6. Made bows in a locked basement

7. Dressed up in a space suit mini dress

8. Temporary tattoo artist at Six Flags

9. Watched ads with electrodes attached to my head

10. Roller rink DJ

11. Lived off Groupons for a year

12. 1 hour court case study

13. Frozen food warehouse worker

14. Resold produce


15. Dressed up as a seal

16. Sold a cactus

17. Camped out for a PS3 to resell for $300 profit

18. Sold blood plasma

19. Livestreamed an Edward 40 hands challenge

20. Started a Twitch channel

21. Edited people’s online dating profiles

22. Random academic studies

23. Opened 13 new bank accounts in 1 year

Tweet image with comment Opened 13 new bank accounts in 1 year

24. Sold underwear

Tweet screenshot of comment Legit sold my chonies online to cover my buss pass and phone bill one month in hawaii

25. Someone wanted to randomly buy a picture of mine

Tweet screenshot of I posted a throwback picture of an old calendar from the 90s, from an old tv show. Someone contacted me and asked me if they could buy it off me and I was sure easiest most randomest money

26. Surveys and mystery shopping

Scrrenshot of woman announcing she did surveys and mystery shopping to earn extra money

Weird Things I’ve Done for Money

There was a time where all the side hustles I did came from the gig section of Craigslist.

I’ve done some pretty weird things for money like cheer stunts on the side of a main road to raise money in high school, I was a hair model, did draped modeling in drawing class in college, and sold blood plasma. I’ve also repaired PlayStations and resold them on Craigslist, worked at a movie theatre as the person who cleaned the theatre after you left and was a brand ambassador for Camel and Bacardi.

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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done for money?

Don’t be ashamed! The weirder, the better.

Let us know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “26 Weirdest Things People Have Done for Money”

  1. My daughter sold tickets to her neighborhood kid friends to watch her pet snake eat (he ate live mice & it was pretty cool).

    When I was in college I cleaned the rat cages in one of the research labs

    My husband sold his sperm when he was in college

  2. In college a group of friends and I wrote poetry on-demand at a local art fair. I was dressed up in full renaissance dress and would recite the custom poem to recipients.

  3. While back in college in midlife, I was paid $35 to watch a woman-made short porn film. It was for a study on female sexual response.

    Some people pay TO watch porn….

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