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The Best Places To Build Your Tiny House

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This is a guest post from David at the Tiny House Society, a blog and dedication to inform more people about the tiny living movement. 

Thinking about living tiny? Over the last several years, the tiny house movement has gradually gained momentum and a big online presence. This social movement is dedicated to living in a tiny home of approximately 500 square feet or less, and built either on wheels or a foundation. But less square footage doesn’t mean lower in quality. In fact, living tiny is all about quality over quantity, and the simple goodness of less. Less “stuff” also means you have more time to focus on what means the most to you–be that hiking, crafting, or spending more time with family!

A quick browse through Pinterest using the keyword ‘tiny house,’ will provide you with page after page of gorgeous, quirky little homes. You’ll soon find yourself daydreaming about these little guys and all of the lifestyle possibilities it could bring. Before you go too far down the rabbit hole, it’s a good idea to consider the logistics of owning a tiny home. One common roadblock tiny house hopefuls run into is where to put their little home. Although the idea of finding a home for your tiny home might sound silly; the existence of tiny house laws make this an important part of the process for you to consider. Let’s take a look at some of the best places where you can build a tiny house.

  1. Spur, Texas

Known far and wide as the “first tiny house friendly town in America,”tiny homeowners here are welcomed to build any type of tiny their heart desires. While most places have a minimum build size, Spur allows you to build as tiny as you like! With wide, open prairies and a supportive community of tiny-loving people–how can we resist?

  1. Green Bridge Farm, Effingham County, Georgia

Home to one of the more popular tiny house communities in the fifty states, this organic farm offers residents the chance to live in beautiful farmlands surrounded by trees. If you’re interested in building your own tiny home on foundations, a plot of land at Green Bridge Farm will set you back about $50k.

  1. Fresno, California

Fresno is the first city in the country to approve tiny houses on wheels in residential neighborhoods. While there are still regulations you’ll need to abide to, this is a huge win for the tiny community as a whole (tiny homes on wheels are usually only permitted as caregiver units). Fresno is also a base for Yosemite National Park, which makes it a prime spot for wanderlusters.

  1. Dandridge, Tennessee

Although restricted to a specific area of the town, Dandridge has finally given the initial approval to build tiny houses. The only requirement at the moment is that they must be built on permanent foundations. As a small town with big outdoor offerings, Dandridge is a great place to live tiny. Now who’s ready to move down south?

  1. Park County, Colorado

Dubbed “efficiency dwelling units,” Park County requires tiny houses in their jurisdiction to be approximately 250 square feet. Although building codes must be met, this area is making huge strides in advocating for tiny living. If you’re a big fan of mountains and wide open spaces–this could be the place for you!

  1. Union Mills, North Carolina

This is another tiny-friendly location that doesn’t require your home to be a minimum size. The area boasts beautiful views, as well as mountains and the beach only a car ride away! If you’re interested in riding horses, there are plenty of stables and places to ride in the area. Country roads, take me home!

  1. Briley Township, Michigan

Recently, this township created the term “Economy Efficient Dwelling” to refer to a tiny home between 240 and 500 square feet. While they haven’t yet approved tiny houses on wheels, you can get approval for your home if it’s built on a permanent foundation. If you enjoy the great outdoors and sports like fishing or snowmobiling, then this could be the perfect home for your tiny home.

  1. Pima County, Arizona

Pima County officially allows tiny houses built on foundations in any zones that allow “detached single-family dwellings.” While you’ll need to have your tiny house inspected by the local municipality, the county has decided to waive certain building codes to accommodate tiny houses. On a side note, the dry climate of Arizona is a great location for a tiny home because there is a lower risk for mold. Tiny homes are particularly susceptible to mold because of the high amounts of vapor that are produced in smaller spaces (think steam from cooking and showering!)

The Takeaway

As you can see, more and more locations are embracing the tiny house community. Although not fully accepted everywhere, regulations are loosening and tiny houses are well on their way to becoming the future in affordable housing options.

Of course–tiny living isn’t for everyone. If a walk in closet and ten person dining room table are a must-have, then living in a tiny house might not be for you. It’s important to consider your current lifestyle before making the leap to tiny living. Downsizing isn’t easy an easy task–it requires you to let go of all the things that clutter your life and living space. Although challenging, letting go of “stuff” is also incredibly rewarding. There are massive benefits to living a life focused on experiences rather than material things. And at the end of the day, living in a tiny home could be one of the biggest experiences of your life!

Now that you’ve read about some of the best places to build your tiny home; you can take the next step in your big, tiny house adventure!

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