Trying Out Cratejoy and The Moon Box

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I have enjoyed subscription boxes a little too much lately, but not as much as I enjoyed trying out The Moon Box. Dabbling in subscription boxes lead me to realize there is literally a subscription box for every type of interest, from beauty products to hot sauce! This pleasant realization led me to a site called Cratejoy where I came across a subscription box called The Moon Box.
The best thing about Cratejoy is if you think you would benefit from something like subscription box but haven’t heard of any that you would like, you can search based on your interests on Cratejoy and they will return a list of the subscription boxes that are available based on the relevance. You can get $5 towards any subscription box you chose when signing up with this link!
The Moon Box Subscription Box is delivered Monthly to your doorstep. All of the ritual and altar tools needed to embrace the specific energies for each month. Price is $45 plus $9 shipping anywhere in the United States. 
  • Handmade and Blessed Candles
  • Appropriate Sigil and Spells from our Personal Book of Shadows
  • Smudge, Herbs and Incense that correlate with the Present Energies.
  • High Quality Ritual Tools & Altar Tools
  • Handmade Magickal Oils & Sacred Salts (Bath Salts)

The thing I like most about this box is that almost everything is handmade. As you open the box, you first see a couple pages that include information for that moon box month, description for each item included and instructions on how to use the items together. The box also includes sigils, spells and rituals to use with the items for the month and direction on the energy and intentions you should be setting. The candle is always made out of a different colored and scented, all-natural beeswax each month.

The March moon box included was the most beautiful opalescent power pyramid. The power pyramid is a very powerful alter item that one would use almost daily. Place spells, written intentions, crystals, and jewelry inside your pyramid to activate and bring power to your intent. I am currently using it for a shard of tangerine quartz and have it placed in the pyramid as we speak 🙂 .

Because of the instructions included with the box, it is very easy and fun to participate in all of the rituals and exercises with the items included. It is perfect for a novice to the craft. I also think it is just as perfect for someone who wants to keep their craft going but forgets about practice due to the business of life. If you forget, this monthly moon box is there to remind you again to recharge!

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