The personal finance industry & corporate work world has never catered to the LGBTQIA+ community and other marginalized identities. That’s where I come in. I’m a queer, nonbinary, Latine freelance writer and blogger who has never felt welcome in the money or corporate world. So, I sought to change it.

I’ve tried over 20 side hustles in the last 15 years, paid off over 40K of debt, and grew my net worth to over $200k in just 4 years. I learned everything I could about money in the process until I was able to quit my day job in tech this year to run my business I Like to Dabble full-time. I Like to Dabble is a free side hustle and financial literacy platform to fight the gatekeeping culture of the personal finance industry and make financial education more accessible – and not just the saving part, the earning part too.

Now, that same platform has grown to over 100k monthly readers between the site and social media and has been featured in The New York Times, TIME, Investopedia, CNBC, MSN, Business Insider, and more.

My approach to writing includes showcasing real-life examples in my storytelling while being very anti-shame based. If you’re looking for a content creator to talk about personal finance in a way that the reader can resonate with, relate to, and not feel talked down to, I’m your writer. I’d love to chat via email at daniella@iliketodabble.com

In addition to content creation for blogs, websites, social media, brand campaigns, and newsletters, I am also interested and have experience writing in:

Personal Finance

  • Side hustles
  • Career tips & remote work
  • LGBTQIA+ money
  • Mental health & money
  • Millennial money 
  • Debt payoff & student loans
  • Personal finance for college students & recent graduates
  • Investing & retirement
  • Financial independence

Content Creation

  • Blogging tips
  • Video creation
  • Social media tips

Past Writing Examples

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