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I get 60k visitors a month to my blog. 20k-30k of those visitors are coming from Pinterest.

I partially credit my results with Pinterest to my designs. I use Canva to create all of my pins in Pinterest and save them as templates to make it easier for me to pump out more fresh pins.

Combined with Pinterest SEO, trending topics, and clickable headlines, Pinterest has boosted traffic to my blog and products tenfold.

2 pin examples of the pin metrics

It was because of Pinterest I was able to get approved for Mediavine and increase my ad earnings from $80 a month to now averaging over $1,000 a month.

This last month we've had the highest ad earnings of any month due to a viral article but Pinterest still played a huge role in getting to this point.

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That is just ad earnings, 1 of the 9 income streams that ILTD has that because of Pinterest and the use of templates, have also gone up.

Templates help me to:

  • Bulk create and schedule my pins
  • Easily recreate pin styles
  • Come up with more pin ideas
  • Double my productivity
  • Give me more of my time back

The more pins I create, the more I can boost my Pinterest metrics, traffic to my site and products, increase engagement, and build my community.

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screenshot of monthly Pinterest link clicks

So, I decided to create some for you too.

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The Pinalicious Template Bundle + Pinterest Traffic Cheat Sheet

The Pinalicious Template Bundle features 23 different customizable and reusable Pinterest templates using the free version of Canva. Yep, you heard that right. That way, you can use these templates even if you don't have the pro version.

Everything included:

  • 23 Canva Pinterest templates
  • Instructions on how to use the templates
  • Pinterest keyword research and SEO tips cheat sheet
  • Pinterest traffic boosting strategy cheat sheet

Stop wasting time trying to come up with new pin designs. Use these templates instead.

What you will gain with these templates:

  • A starting point for your Pinterest strategy
  • Clear formats to use for all your content
  • Endless pin creation possibilities
  • More views, engagement, and traffic to your website via Pinterest

Happy Pinning 📌

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