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12 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites [2022]

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Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Daniella

If you’re a movie buff like me, you know that all those cable TV services can add up. Even with so many different streaming services to try and replace cable, it adds up.

How do you do it? Enjoy your favorite films without breaking the bank with surprise bills? It’s very possible with free movie streaming sites and we’ll show you how!

Streaming movie sites are the companies like Netflix or Hulu that connect to your smart TV or cable box through the internet. 

They’re great because you can access them anywhere you have a smart device (smart TV, mobile phone, etc.) and an internet connection. So, when you travel to see your family and stay with your in-laws with no TV in your room, you can login to Netflix from your phone or tablet and enjoy television and movies.

The only thing is, Netflix and Hulu are not free.

But, there are movie streaming sites that are free! Keep reading while we share these 12 best free movie streaming sites.

The Best Free Movie Streamers

1. Noxx

Noxx offers a collection of HD movies available right at your fingertips. The site is navigation-friendly and you can easily access it from your smartphone or tablet. Browse movies by genre, sort oldest or newest, year, and more.


2. Vumoo

Vumoo offers free online movies and series in HD. They have a huge collection of films and shows in over 180 pages and 10+ categories you can filter through on their site!


3. YesMovies

This movie streaming site gives you instant access to movies and TV shows. They have a streamlined site setup and make it really easy to search for your favorites.


4. StreamingSites

StreamingSites reviews the best sites for streaming. You can watch free TV shows, movies, cartoons, premium channels, and more.

You will have access to cable network shows from:

  • NBC Sports
  • CBS
  • NHL
  • IMDb
  • And, more!

5. CMovies

Gain access to tons of movies and films by:

  • Country
  • Genre
  • TV series
  • And, much more!

6. Pluto TV

You can watch 250+ TV channels and thousands of movies with Pluto TV. You can watch Live TV or on-demand programs. I first learned about Pluto TV from one of the many free channels on my Roku device.

If you have a Roku TV or Roku streaming device, you can download Pluto TV straight from Roku. If not, head here to gain access to all the television media and movies.


7. The Roku Channel

Speaking of Roku, the Roku Channel is 100% free.  You can watch premium TV anywhere you go and stream hundreds of free movies and popular shows 24/7.


8. Tubi

Tubi lets you watch tons of movies and TV shows online for free. You’ll get HD quality and you can access it from any device.

There is no subscription required and you’ll see less ads than other streamers. They even have Tubi Kids which is a brand new feature allowing your kids to watch family-friendly, kids-appropriate TV shows and movie programming.

You will love the feature-rich layout and easy navigation. Free registration is required.


9. Crackle

Crackle lets you watch movies and TV shows for free online.  You even have free unedited, uncut versions you can watch!

Like some of the other free streaming sites, you will be able to get access to tons of genres like:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Classic
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • And, more!

Plus enjoy Crackle Original TV shows and films like Buried Alive and Extraction. You will never get bored with Crackle. Check it out.


10. YouTube

You cannot forget about YouTube and we’re not talking about Premium YouTube either. Regular YouTube is a great choice for watching videos online or from your smart TV.

There are tons of channels that can entertain you for hours. I love YouTube because in addition to it being a source of entertainment, it’s also an awesome place for education (and even free online course learning).

You can take up a hobby or interest and learn how it works on YouTube. Here are some examples:

It’s also the perfect place to listen to podcasts, interviews, watch documentaries and so much more.

How YouTube Works?

You don’t need to register or sign up to the site to access YouTube though we recommend you do. If you want to save time, totally skip the signup and start watching your favorites right on YouTube.

But, if you do sign in, YouTube can start curating content based on the stuff you view. It’s like Netflix and others like it. They learn from the kinds of things you watch and start recommending content they think you would enjoy.

It’s a great way to discover new stuff in the genre you love without having to actively search for it. That’s one of the perks of signing up. 

And when you do sign up, you can even create separate profiles for you, your partner, your kids, etc. This is how it works with the YouTube app, like if you’re watching YouTube on your smart TV.

What’s YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is not free. If you choose to take advantage of this, that’s totally fine but it’s not a free way to watch YouTube.

When you join YouTube Premium it takes off the ads you watch on YouTube videos. 

When you normally watch videos on YouTube, you are typically served ads. They can be at the start of a video, in the middle, etc. These ads are usually short and advertisements are common on streaming sites. They are present on some of the other free streaming sites we shared above.

So paying for this service takes off ads so you don’t have to watch them. And, it also gives you access to watch videos and music in the background ad-free. You can also download videos. You can learn more about it here.

I wanted to briefly talk about the premium side of YouTube because if you come across it, you may think it’s free and a part of our discussion here but it’s not.

Check out YouTube to enjoy millions of free videos.


11. Xumo

Get entertained with free Xumo TV. Discover your favorite shows and watch on-demand media anywhere you can access the internet, with Xumo.

They even have an app which makes it so easy to watch their 190+ channels, all for free.


12. PopcornFlix

Free movies, free TV shows and free viral videos are available on PopcornFlix. Their directory is arranged by:

  • New arrivals
  • Genre
  • Movies in Spanish
  • And, more!

This is a great option for getting your hands on free movies and TV. It’s free to join and you can watch it anywhere you have internet access. Check it out.


How Does Free Movie Streaming Work?

It’s pretty simple. You visit a website, register, and then access the movies and TV shows you want to watch. 

Do not let free registration scare you off. It’s really a benefit because you can login to your account, look at your viewing history, share your favorites with friends easily, and more. 

These free streaming sites are all no strings attached. 

If you do come across a site that asks you to pay, then it’s not considered a free movie streaming site. These are great because in addition to being free, there’s no monthly membership or subscription you have to join, and you have full control over your movie and TV show viewing experience.

What Do You Need to Watch Free Movies?

You’ll need access to a device that can connect to the internet:

  • Smart TV
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

All these sites are grab and go so they are perfect for travel and you can rest assured that you will be entertained with these options.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to cut the cable, these free movie and TV streaming sites are an awesome option, giving you what you love for zero cost. Examining your budget for opportunities to save is a great thing. While you’re at it, don’t miss these 86 genius tips to save everyday.

What do you think of these free movie streaming sites? Did we miss any on the list? Share your thoughts and comments down below.

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