How To Debloat In 24 Hours

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but another holiday is right around the corner and there is a sure fire way that you may over eat and drink for this particular one. Now you want to debloat and I am here to show you how to debloat in as small a time as 24 hours.

Oh Easter, the holiday where all you Catholics have deprived yourself of whatever it was that you ‘gave up’ for Lent, for a full 40 days, and are ready to ‘reward’ yourselves for all of this hard work… sense my sarcasm?

Well I am not necessarily Catholic but still my family and I still celebrate this holiday, not Lent, but we definitely celebrate Easter. If there is a reason we can all get together and eat some amazing food, you know my family is right on top of it! Call us heathens, but we really don’t care. Before I get off on a tangent, I’ll go back to what I was getting at, food! We all know we will over do it during Easter weekend and are going to need some nice hacks to debloat and recover. So here it is, how to debloat in 24 hours!

how to debloat

  1. Drink Water

    First off, lay off the booze. If you want to debloat the fastest, drink water and only water. And I don’t mean drink a glass or two of water, drink at least 64 ounces of water (8 to 10 glasses of water depending on their size), Your body holds onto water so you don’t get dehydrated but if you are taking in a large amount of water, the body as permissions to flush out some of its stores.No Salty Foods

  2. Stay Away From Salty Foods

    Almost everything has salt these days, especially if you eat out. Stay in and eat fruit and veggies rich in water such as watermelon, apples or carrots. When you eat sodium, your body retains water to try to maintain the proper balance in the bloodstream. Stay below 2,500 milligrams of sodium a day and drink water throughout to ward off any resulting bloat.

  3. Drink Green Tea

    Green tea is a natural diuretic. There are many diuretics out there but because of the additional antioxidant benefits of green tea, it is a popular choice. Green tea increases the output of urine and reduces excess water in the body.

  4. Go For A Run

    Instead of lounging around after holiday gatherings, head outside for a quick 20 minute or 2 mile run. If running is not ideal due to any injuries or bad knees, make it a 30 minute walk. It is a great way to get things moving again if you are feeling bloated or backed up. It is also great for feeling better about yourself if you are feeling gullty about a binge.

  5. Pick Up Some Ginger

    You can take your fresh ginger, grate it (with a cheese grater or something similar), and add it in your detox teas. It has been shown to help deflate the stomach from gas-producing foods. Combine it with ice cold green tea for the ultimate tool to debloat.



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