6 New-ish St.Louis, MO Restaurants That You HAVE To Try

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We love our food and beer in St. Louis, MO!

Everyone here will tell you that. Every other day it seems like there is a new restaurant popping up in St. Louis or in our northern neighbor, St. Charles. This is one of the reasons I LOVE St. Louis. It is truly a great place to find authentic cuisine, no matter where you are.

Here are my top 6 new-ish St. Louis, MO restaurants that you HAVE to try!


Union Loafers is a cafe and bread bakery in the Botanical Heights neighborhood of St. Louis. For lunch the cafe offers sandwiches, soups and salads. For dinner the cafe offers salads and pizzas but sometimes this changes. I absolutely love the bread at Union Loafers, it is to die for! They also have a great selection of wine and craft beer. The best time and day to try Union Loafers would have to be lunch time on Sundays! During lunch on Sundays they offer the best pastrami sandwich I have ever had.

Byrd & Barrel is located on South Jefferson and offer gourmet fried chicken in a relaxed atmosphere. And by gourmet fried chicken, I mean GOURMET fried chicken. This stuff is addicting. Did I mention the corn bread? Oh my goodness, their corn bread is amazing. The corn bread is so good, you might not have room for the chicken. They also carry one of my favorite beers, 4 Hands Incarnation IPA.

Andrew's Bayou BBQ is this little place I stumbled across one day, right down the street from me in St. Ann on Adie Road. Andrew's has mouth watering ribs, pork steaks, bratwurst, wings, and fried catfish. I favor their macaroni and cheese especially. They also have a wide variety of other things as well and you can view their full menu here. They also had a food truck and attend most St. Ann Park events. On food truck days, their in house menu at their main location may change due to limited resources. Trust me when I say this, you will NEVER be disappointed at Andrew's!

Looking for a fresh. new Latin place to dine? Fritanga is St. Louis's ONLY Nicaraguan restaurant! Fritanga is located on South Jefferson and features beautiful art, joyous company with the nicest owners you will meet! The Carne Asada is the best you might ever have in St. Louis area, and if you pair it with black beans and sweet plantain, you have a match made in heaven. Unless you are a fish person, and in that case I would recommend the whole fried tilapia, with eyes and all! They also have whole bottles of rum available for purchase and Saturday night Spanish karaoke!

Mission Taco Joint is not only one of my favorite new-ish restaurants to the St. Louis scene, but also one of my favorite restaurants overall. Mission Taco has locations all over the St. Louis Area, with a new location opening in St. Charles in a matter of weeks. My favorite tacos are the Mango-Hop-Anero Shrimp Tacos, they are literally the best tacos ever. It might sound like I am exaggerating but I am not!

Russell's On Macklind has great food for any time of the day and conveniently located in South City, on the corner of Macklind and Murdoch. They server breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a small bakery that features a variety of sweets. They also have a relaxing outdoor dining area that will make you think you are not even in St. Louis anymore. My favorite would probably be their breakfast because I love their Sunday brunch specials they come up with. Be sure to stop by for breakfast one day, check out the special they are whipping up and have a delicious cup of coffee and baileys.

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