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I recently wrote a post about what to watch on Netflix when you want to laugh and wanted to write similar posts for other entertainment applications that people may be using besides Netflix. Hulu is my second go-to app for when I want to watch one of my favorite funny shows. It is especially great for newer shows and episodes. When a new episode airs, it becomes available on Hulu immediately the day after. This makes some of my mornings pretty action packed with a list of new episodes I am dying to get to.

Here are my go-to shows on Hulu that I cannot get enough of!

These are the newest and funniest shows on the app right now. You just can’t go wrong with these when you are looking for new shows appealing to different ends of the comedic spectrum.



Selfie is a lively, creative and hilarious show about Eliza Dooley, a girl who has reached internet fame. She has 263,000+ followers that hang on her every post, tweet and selfie. She soon realizes that her online network of friends are far from having actual friends. This revelation leads her to asking marketing guru, Henry, for a re brand of her self-obsessed reputation. Henry also teaches her how to connect with people in the real world. Selfie explores the modern struggles of Eliza’s and Henry’s relationship in a tasteful, humorous way.

The Mick


Mick is personally my favorite show on right now, across the board of all networks and all apps. Mick stars It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s, Kaitlin Olson, who plays Mickey (The Mick). Mickey is always hustling and looking for the next easy way to get paid. It seems like her ship has finally come in when she goes to Greenwich, Connecticut to visit her sister and billionaire brother-in-law, and they flee the country to avoid federal charges of fraud, leaving her with everything. There is a price however, she has to stay and look after her sister’s three crazy children. This show is absolutely hilarious and Kaitlin Olson is a freaking rock star.

American Housewife


Weirdly enough, this is another show that derives it’s comedic genius from the lives of wealthy Connecticut towns. American Housewife takes place in the wealthy town of Westport, Connecticut where cookie-cutter mommies and their perfect families thrive. Confident housewife Katie Otto shares a home with her husband, Jeff, and their three children Taylor, Harrison and Anna-Kat. She loves her family and thinks the most of them, but she knows they aren’t perfect. She knows that everyone has their flaws and her family is definitely among the flawed, but she is far from sorry for it. That is why I love this show, it puts reality back into the TV spotlight and kicks fakers to the curb.

Kicking And Screaming


Hannah Simone from New Girl hosts this hilarious new reality TV show that reminds me of Survivor, but with less drama and more funny. Ten survivalists pair up with ten anti-nature novices to face extreme challenges in Fiji’s tropical jungle. As the teams are trying to survive the extreme environment that is Fiji, they also come up against dangerous animals, wild rivers, hunger and extreme weather. The survivalists find that the one thing all of their past expeditions haven’t prepared them for is the burden of another person who is completely unaccustomed to roughing it in the wilderness. The experienced survivalists must coax their novice partners over the finish line to win the $500,000 prize. I love the idea of this show and how they executed it. Each episode gets more and more funny. Kicking And Screaming is a must see!

The Good Place


Kristen Bell stars as Eleanor Shellstrop, who finds herself in the good place (in other word, heaven). When a tractor-trailer carrying erectile dysfunction products strikes and kills Eleanor she’s surprised to find herself in the “good” area of the afterlife. Obviously, she has been mistaken for someone else when her mentor informs her that she earned her place for helping get innocent people off of death row (she didn’t). She realizes that she was nothing but horrible throughout her life and wants to change her ways to stay in the good place. She decides that she wants to shed her old foul-mouthed and hard-drinking ways and find a way to embrace the good person within. With the help of her new friends in the good place, she might be able to pull it off and everyone may be able to live happily ever after…or will they?


43 Replies to “Hulu’s Top 5 Newest And Most Hilarious Shows”

  1. You’ve opened up some new possibilities for me. Now that “This Is Us” has wrapped for the season (and I’m still shedding tears for Downton Abbey), I’ve been lamenting “There’s nothing good on tv!” Kicking & Screaming sounds like my cup of tea. I’m mostly over reality tv, but a reality show with humor could get me back on board. I’ll check it out.

  2. I love American Housewife! That show is hilarious!! When I first saw the trailer I knew I’d love the show. Mick seems like it would be really funny too so I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for a recap on these 5 shows!!

  3. I have seen ads for the Good Place. It looks super funny and I definitely want to check it out.

  4. i have not tried Hulu yet since I got netflix. I will definitely ask my husband to check this out. He’s more into series than i do.

  5. My mother in law told my husband and I about “The Mick”… She said it was flipping hilarious!! We haven’t had a chance to start watching it, but hopefully soon! I hadn’t heard of “American Housewife”, so we will have to check this one out as well! 🙂

  6. Yes! I love the Mick and the Good Place. They’re so hilarious. Another good one for anyone looking for a laugh is the Mindy Project, hands down my favorite show.

    American Housewife is funny too but, I saw somewhere a few months back it wasn’t doing so well in the beginning. Hopefully, more people discover it’s charm!

  7. I LOVE Hulu for so many reasons and I’m glad they are getting some original content. Kicking and Screaming looks really good.

  8. I haven’t seen any of those, but they all look interesting. I think I will choose American housewife to watch first, seems to be great!!:)

  9. I had forgotten that I wanted to check out “The Good Place”. The previews for it had me laughing. And that survival one looks hilarious. I may have to coax my husband to check it out.

  10. We just cut the cable cords this weekend! We are looking into either getting hulu or netflicks. When we do I will have to look into this show. It looks hilarious.

  11. Thanks for the review on these shows. I have never heard of them. But then again I don’t have cable or hulu, just Netflix… very informative!

  12. Am not familiar with these shows, but the Selfie shows quite interesting. Are these on Netflicks only?

  13. Yessss I’ve been wanting to watch “The Good Place” looks hilarious and thanks for sharing the rest of the list. I work from home and am always looking for new shows to binge on lol

  14. I am huge fan of Hulu Plus if I miss one of my favorite shows it’s available the next day you can’t beat that. Hulu cost less than my monthly DVR service.

  15. I don’t really watch from Hulu so it’s nice to see what’s new. Some of these shows are really interesting and it would be awesome to get to watch them. Thanks for the heads-up.

  16. omg. selfie was one of my fav, i dont know why it wasn’t that popular. because i love it

  17. Looks like a great list, and “Selfie” sounds good to watch. I hope we’re going to see that on cable, coz we only have Netflix. 😁

  18. i love hulu. i’m actually watching nashville on it right now. i love the show and can watch them over and over.

  19. I rarely watch Hulu. I think it’s awesome that they have shows like these. They all sound very entertaining.

  20. I want to see the good place. I have heard a lot about it, but haven’t had the chance to check it out. Thank you for the review!

  21. I haven’t checked out any of these and we have Hulu! I definitely need to look into it since I’m paying for this service but don’t use it often! Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to see if my husband wants to try any of these shows 🙂

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