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When the bills seem like they come at an overwhelming rate, it may be hard to realize how much you can cut monthly from those bills. Being able to lower your monthly bills depends on how much you are willing to cut from your daily routine. Cutting the cost of your bills is only possible when you cut out the things you don’t need and the habits that no longer serve you. Thinking differently about your finances will open you up to a whole new world and what is possible in that world!

You don’t have to make any sort of huge, life altering changes either. Just start small and go from there.

When you change your habits little by little, anything is possible.

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Here are 20+ amazing ways to lower your monthly bills!

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Unplug what you are not using.

Unplug your computer or laptop when you aren’t using it or when it doesn’t need to charge. You can waste up to $631 dollars a year on energy costs by leaving computers and laptops plugged in all the time.

Check out these energy saving outlets that also include timers so when you aren’t using what is plugged in, after a certain amount of time (whatever you set it to) the power completely shuts off from those sources. These can also make your home safer but shutting off curling irons, coffee makers, and other fire hazards!
These will also help you control how much power you are using, which brings me to the next way to lower your monthly bills.

Control your usage and consumption.

Control your usage of water by installing low flow faucets and shower heads. Water the lawn only when absolutely needed due to droughts. Use the microwave instead of the oven. These habits will help lower your monthly water and gas bills.

Have you tried going solar?

There are tons of people these days converting their electricity to solar by installing solar panels on their homes or in their lawns. Check out this solar savings estimator by Project Sunroof that will tell you how much you will save on your electric bill by going solar. In my area, I would save $6,000 over a 20 year solar lease by going solar. And we are definitely thinking about it! Check out these amazing deals on solar panels, solar panel start kits, charging stations and even entire grids!

Not ready to fully go solar or spend anything over $1-$10 on solar implementations? No problem, start small and then go from there.

Bargain hunt like crazy.

Whether it is shopping online or planning a vacation, never stop bargain hunting. Bargain hunting saves you more money than you can imagine. Don’t ever cave to paying full price on anything. There are tons of amazing things you can find at Dollar Tree that are just as good as what you will find at Pier 1. Check out all the creative things people come up with on Pinterest with only Dollar Tree items!

Don’t get stuck with a ginormous travel bill. You earned some time off, but don’t deserve to pay what it actually costs. Check out Expedia, we did! Because of Expedia, we are able to travel to New Orleans for a full week during Halloween for a 3rd of what everyone else is paying.

Also check out my article on travel hacking with loads of tips to travel for next to nothing or even free!

Don’t overpay on your bills.

You may be overpaying on your phone bill. Make sure you only choose what you need on your phone package such as not choosing the highest data package when you don’t use that much data.

Don’t be a sucker.

Don’t ever opt for the most expensive package on any maintenance packages whether it be your cable and wifi, car, lawn, renovations or home security.

Consolidation vs. Refinancing

Loan consolidation and refinancing are not the same thing. Consolidation just means lumping your loans together in one. Let’s say you have 2 student loans, consolidate them into 1 to make the payments easier. Loan consolidation can simplify your payments but doesn’t often save you money. Refinancing your loans can save you money by lowering your interest rate.

If you own a business, track your expenses.

FreshBooks is amazing accounting software that can make running your small business easy, fast and most importantly: secure. You can easily track your expenses with it’s many low hassle features. This way you are always making the right business decisions and don’t get stuck with massive bills and debt in the long run!

Spend less time on accounting and more time doing the work you love.

“This is why we can’t have anything nice!”

Lower your monthly bills by taking care of your things. The more you perform regular maintenance on your vehicles and home, the less you end up paying in repair costs.

Cut the cable.

Who uses cable anymore? Seriously?

All the good shows are on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon these days anyway.

Spend less on groceries.

You can save on food and grocery shopping by scanning your receipts with IbottaSign up today and get a $10 welcome bonus!

There are tons of other amazing ways to save on groceries. You can find financially conscious ways when grocery shopping like using a calculator as you go. You can also see what amazing deals you can get at the farmer’s market or with delivery meal plans. Check out them all here.

Plan your meals!

Have you heard of $5 Meal Plan yet? Well, it is pretty amazing. $5 Meal Plan is a weekly meal plan service that can simplify your meal planning beyond belief. For just $5 a month, you will get a delicious meal plan that only costs $2 per person (at the most). Most of the time, it ends up being less per person. The best thing is they have tons of specialty meal plans to chose from so if you have a specific health need that has to be met, no problem!

You can try $5 Meal Plan 14 days for absolutely free! Check it out!

Utilize cash back applications.

Cash back applications are great for when you tend to more of an online shopper. If you tend to make large purchases online like I do for my blog’s hosting, for example. I get $10 cash back just by paying my web hosting bill with Ebates.

Other sites like Ebates to help you get the most cash back are as follows:

Pay your bills on time.

Not paying bills on time come with some nasty fees. When I first started on paying off my student loans, I was not good with my money at all and often missed the deadline. This came with having to pay double most of the time and the high interest I had on my loan did not help all all. It could have been prevented by paying on time, which is why automatic payments come in handy if you have enough in the bank.It will be easier to pay your bills on time when you track your finances.

What other strategies have you used to lower your monthly bills? I would love to hear more!


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The Ultimate Freebie Master List


This master list is composed of the top freebies; free stock photos, checklists, courses, guides, planners, etc.

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36 Replies to “20+ Ways To Lower Your Monthly Bills”

  1. Really great advice. Where we live, you can call in your gas and electricity consumption, so you only pay for what is actually consumed as opposed to them estimating (which always means dishing out more). And when it comes to groceries, we don’t go overboard buying lots of stuff, it’s better to make multiple trips to the grocery store (which is walking distance – bonus) and not have food go to waste because it’s sitting in the back corner of the fridge! 🙂

  2. Hello,

    This one’s a savage 🙂

    Its a harsh reality that we all need to suffer when it comes for paying our monthly bills. Whether it is our electricity,
    installments or paying for our blogging tools. Sometimes we need to re manage the whole scenario for getting it all done.

    These are some amazing tips which can get us some reduced amount in the bills we pay at the end. Some of the tips has already
    brought in action by my side and some needs to be done like, cutting out the cable, re-planning about my meal plan, as I am
    foodie I spent lot of time eating out side. I have a loan for my education which I dropped in the middle and the amount is
    increasing as the interest. Consolidation can be very helpful as it can easier to pay my debts all along.

    Thanks for the share.


  3. These are fantastic tips! I had never even heard of the outlets that have a timer on them. We recently turned the temp down on our water heater so we wouldn’t be as tempted to take long showers causing us to use more water.

    1. I agree 100%! Cutting out meat does tend to save a whole lot more. Now if some of us could kick our bacon obsession 🙂 (me…i love bacon….)

  4. All great tips! When my husband was laid off in 2015, we incorporated a lot of these suggestions into our financial planning. Once he got another job, we kept the expenses the same, and it was amazing how much money we were able to save each month!

  5. Love these tips! I cut the cable like 10+ yrs ago, and I haven’t looked back since!…I am really intrigued by those energy saver plugs though! I haven’t seen something like that before!

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